Remanufacturing process

Remanufactured spare parts carry the same guarantee as new parts, because the WAT remanufacturing processes ensure that the final product meets the same requirements and with the same guarantees as a new part.

Remanufactured products are an affordable and high-quality alternative to newly-manufactured ones, and WAT's specialisation in the sector has enabled the company to achieve a significant presence in the most competitive and demanding international markets.

In brief, a product is considered remanufactured if:

  • - Its main components come from a used product or what is commonly known as core.
    - The used product (core) is disassembled to the extent necessary to determine the condition of its components.
    - The used product's components are cleaned and treated.
    - All defective, faulty or worn parts are reconditioned or, where necessary, replaced with new ones.
    - The product assembly phase involves several tests to establish whether it is working correctly (e.g. leak test, running test).
    - After the product is painted and tagged to ensure traceability, it is packaged and stored in our warehouses where it will be available for purchase.

Remanufacturing is not simply repairing or restoring a product; as you can see, it is much more complex than that. Furthermore, it inherently has a positive impact on the environment. Remanufacturing is a better alternative than plain recycling.

WAT products are remanufactured to the highest standards of quality. Remanufacturing is a strictly controlled processed, similar to manufacturing new parts. The only difference is that the raw material for the product is used parts, which undergo an exhaustive reconstruction process. WAT products have been installed in thousands of cars and industrial vehicles around the world and WAT is today one of the leading companies in terms of safety and reliability.

WAT racks are equipped with completely new ball joints, bellows and seals.




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