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At WAT we specialise in products that are designed to last. Since the company's foundation more than 40 years ago, our goal has always been to offer automotive components and parts of the highest quality.

We specialise in remanufacturing steering components and parts (pumps, steering racks and ESP columns), as well as remanufacturing diesel injection systems. Remanufacturing offers an affordable and high-quality alternative to newly-manufactured products, enabling us to achieve a significant presence in the most competitive international markets, thanks to the manufacturing capacity of our plant at Mallabia (Biscay, Spain).

Our products have been installed in thousands of cars and industrial vehicles around the world and the WAT brand today is one of the leading figures in terms of safety and reliability. WAT products are manufactured and remanufactured following the highest standards of quality, and we use only top-brand components in our processes.

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Constantly evolving, we continuously develop and add new products to meet the demands of the market more fully, providing the value and safety that our clients expect.

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All our products have a 2-YEAR GUARANTEE